Capitale Cultura and ARt Glass are partners of the great exhibition “From Guercino to Caravaggio”, at Palazzo Barberini

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22 December 2014
Capitale Cultura and ARt Glass are partners of the great exhibition “From Guercino to Caravaggio”, at Palazzo Barberini

ROME, December 3, 2014 – The unparalleled exhibition “From Guercino to Caravaggio, Sir Denis Mahon and the Italian Art in the XVII Century”, taking place at National Ancient Art Gallery in Palazzo Barberini, Rome, until Febryuary the 8th 2015, will be enriched by the ARtGlass experience. The project raises from the partnership between ARtGlass/Capitale Cultura Group and Beni Culturali, the company organizing and promoting the expo, that has come at its second international venue (the world premiere was held at San Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum, from July 13 to September 8 2103 and totaled a record, in terms of attendance).

Thanks to the ARtglass platform, exhibition’s visitors, upon reservation, will be able to wear AG devices and discover inedited details, commented by extraordinary scholars as Prof. Antonio Paolucci (Director at Vatican Museums) and Sir Denis Mahon himself, trough some videos recorded a few time before he passed away.
A couple of Caravaggio’s masterpieces, the very famous “Giuditta and Oloferne” and “San Francesco in Meditation”, will be discovered trough X-Rays, with a peculiar fade effect from real to digital and vice-versa.
«Cooperating for the valorization of this exhibition, started from the Sir Mahon and Roberto Celli’s common vision, is a great honor to us and not only because of its international achievements  – says Antonio Scuderi, CEO of ARtGlass/Capitale Cultura Group – We are particularly proud as such a great Italian project has decided to join the AR innovation, by partnering with an Italian company, the first ever to launch this service in the museums space. Technology challenges cultural players to always find new storytellings, able to get young people even closer to our Cultural Heritage».

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