Great success for AMIEX 2014, the first International Exhibitions Exchange. Capitale Cultura Development Partner of the event.

HomeWorksArt and cultureGreat success for AMIEX 2014, the first International Exhibitions Exchange. Capitale Cultura Development Partner of the event.
21 March 2014

Over 1,000 participants, delegations from 7 countries on 3 different continents, more than 850 one-to-one meetings, dozens of informal meetings, 20 one-to-many, more than 500 followers on Twitter, 5 workshops and 2 special events. There were first of all the numbers to confirm the success of the “number zero” AMIEX, Art&Museum International Exhibition Xchange , sponsored by Fondazione Industria e Cultura of Confindustria, under the patronage of the Municipality of Turin, organized and produced by GL Events at the Lingotto Congress Centre on 11 and 12 March this year, with Capitale Cultura in the role of Development Partners (project management, marketing, media relations, social media, business development, partnerships with businesses and institutions, international relations, content, visual communication).
First and only event in Europe dedicated to the development, co-production and exchange of projects related to exhibitions and services related to them, AMIEX is a B2B platform, a space for business matching, to facilitate, through the use of a online agenda, the meeting between the organizers of exhibitions, directors of museums, institutions, galleries, foundations and companies operating in the supply chain of exhibitions, technological innovation and cultural tourism, interested in proposing, produce, co-design, sell, buy, trade exhibition projects worldwide.
Patrizia Asproni, President of Fondazione Industria e Cultura and creator of AMIEX: “The participants have understood the meaning of what we wanted to do: enter the view of culture as well as the 2.0, one capable of making a step forward compared to the traditional idea of the good culture, one that is able to innovate and to create a system with different sectors but neighbors, first of all the tourism”.

During the two-day meeting so many topics have been deepened: not only art, but also science exhibitions, great international exhibitions, the relationship between culture and social media, management models, synergy between creative businesses and museums (workshops developed in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Italy).
Many international presences: besides Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the U.S., even the bigemerging countries including Qatar, China, Azerbaijan and Mexico. “We have received several offers to bring AMIEX outside the Italian borders – says Régis Faure, Managing Director of GL Events – Lingotto Fiere Italy, and continues – Even before the event, Korea had given us a signal in this direction, as well as Brussels; now they have added the demands of Beijing, Baku and Doha, with which we intend to develop common projects”.

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