Museums in the Canton of Ticino reopen: among the first the Museum of Cultures in Lugano with the support of Capital Culture International

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11 May 2020

This morning at 11 am the Lugano Museum of Cultures reopens its doors to its public who will be able to enjoy the beauty of the spaces and collections safely, thanks to the measures implemented by the Culture and Museums Foundation in collaboration with the Capitale Cultura International, to protect social distancing and, consequently, the visitor’s greeting.

In fact, thanks to the special signs, the plexiglas panels, the paths traced on the floor that guarantee the respect of the distance of two meters between the visitors, the Musec was able to welcome the public a month earlier than initially planned and in total security. The interventions, coordinated with the head of museum services of Capitale Cultura International, Thomas Cieslik, make it possible to send a positive and decisive signal to the world of Swiss culture and beyond, thanks also to the precise directives of the government.

Inside the Spazio Cielo del Musec it will be possible to visit a new temporary exhibition, consisting of a selection of traditional fabrics and rugs from Morocco and the collection of Annette Korolnik, a well-known collector of textiles and dishes from Morocco. Furthermore, the collector was largely involved in the realization of the project together with Paolo Maiullari, the curator of the Museum, and, with him, signed the beautiful catalog. This new exhibition dialogues and completes the exhibition that is located on the ground floor of the Museum, inside the Maraini Space, where you can admire the impressionist portraits of Morocco, a visit itinerary conceived and created by Roberto Polillo.

Finally, with this reopening, it will be possible for the public to also visit the masterpieces of the art of the Dayaks of Borneo, exhibited inside Villa Malpensata. The same spaces will welcome, during the summer, over one hundred works in a new large exhibition dedicated to Japanese painting from the 16th to the 19th century.

A signal of restart that, as mentioned, gives hope to the world of culture and which, we hope, will soon be followed by many other cases, such as the Swiss Customs Museum, which is preparing to open for the 2020 season with important exhibition news.

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