Brixia and the lenses of the future. The Art Glass become a time machine.

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17 April 2015

The visitor will be able to move into some 360° reconstructions of digital spaces, experiencing a “time machine” effect, wich is made possible thanks to the Augmented Reality provided by ARtGlass’s wearable devices. It will be possible to rent the 3D glasses at the Capitolium’s ticket office and at the Museo di Santa Giulia, where, at the same time, the great exhibition “Brixia e le Genti del Po” will take place.

Thanks to contribution of a creative and scientific team (with the cooperation of Epson and Carraro Lab) visitors will enjoy the point of view of people from the past. A panorama that has emerged from several excavations and further investigations. Hence, it will be possibile to overlay to the real world not only the realistic reconstruction of Brescia Repubblicana (2300 years ago until its rediscovery occurred, in the XIX century), but even some views from the Neolithic and the Lombard city.

The project that we have developed with Brescia Musei is really unique – says Antonio Scuderi – CEO of Artglass and Culture Capital Group – because it allows us to express the potential of Augmented Wearable Reality on the archaeological heritage, creating narrative solutions of great impact and entertainment. We believe there is a huge space for the exploitation of the Wearable Augmented Reality over the Italian archaeological heritage, on a large scale and with a strong impact not only on the experience but also in terms of promotion and audience generation.”

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