Capitale Cultura alongside Arte’m in the valorization of Campania’s archaeological wonders

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7 January 2014

Capitale Cultura is development partner of the trust which manages some of the most important archaeological sites and monuments of Campania, such as Paestum , Santa Maria Capua Vetere and the Certosa of Padula, for a total of over 500 thousand visitors a year.
The initiative, named consortium Arte’m ,net has set up in Naples, in September 2008. Associated companies are:
Prismi /Arte’m: general coordination of activities, e-marketing, integrated communications, digital and traditional publishing, designing productions of environmental, archaeological and artistic.
Amico Bio: organic farming, organic food and natural as life style, from Naples, in London, in Berlin.
Archeotrekking: Archeotrekking: promotion and territorial laboratories nature in the heart of Cilento.
– Big Sur: projects, events and services related to the world of film and entertainment.
Centrica: processing high resolution images, 3d, virtual events, and e-commerce.
Charta/Vivaticket: ticketing and access control, since 1986, a point of reference for the management and advanced sales for cultural events and entertainment quality.
Enclopius: design and implementation of merchandising.
L’Erma di Bretschneider: internationally recognized reference, since 1896, specialized publishing and promotion in the field of archeology.
Esperia: promoting tourist services (selling online and traditional), web and telemarketing, call center inbound and outbound tourism promotion online and traditional.
Eugenio Marinella: the art of the tie, today, as in 1914, quality products, a passion for elegance, a model of entrepreneurial style.
Novamusa: services to visitors of cultural heritage, cafeteria and catering.
Le Nuvole: permanent theater of innovation for kids, teaching quality and passion uncommon between science, art and literature.
Progetto Museo: Project development and promotion of cultural heritage, reference, since the eighties, teaching quality in the Naples area.
Sycomore: the international experience, prestige, innovation, lifelong learning systems to promote cultural audio/video.
Syremont: research, diagnosis, planning, restoration of cultural assets and activities.
La Torre del Saracino: La Torre del Saracino: The true genius of the restaurant, at the head of Michelin accolades in 2001, Gambero Rosso in 2003, the Espresso.
Flavors, spice of life, flavors of the Mediterranean in the pure state..


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